Vision and values

Our Vision

To become a highly respected global research & manufacturing company for electronic dominated products and emerging innovative technologies with the primary objective of creating a highly enriched critical mass of products and people.

Our core values

  • Humanity is the core of our business.
  • We create a home away from home for people to perform work with economic output.
  • We are very honest and a law abiding organization with very high character & respect.
  • We never do anything which is inhuman, unethical or exploiting.
  • We always remain very humble and deeply indebted to God irrespective of the heights we achieve.

Our Logo

The logo depicts a human form with open arms, aiming to reach the sky with global aspirations and leadership.

The human aspect epitomises our commitment towards society, our core value, environment and sustainable living for mankind.

NTL ‘Blue’ colour represents purity, transparency, innovation and technology while NTL ‘Orange’ colour speaks for energy, vitality and endurance.